Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by to browse our shop. Born and raised in the Southeast PA area, my name is Kristine Shive and I am anxious to get back to my roots and family values. After graduating from Penn State with my  B.S. in Animal Science and Nutrition, I moved to Upstate NY to get married and start a family. I dedicated decades to the corporate world and decided to leave it and channel my ambitions into a new start-up business of my own in 2019. My girls and I opened up our home to offer daycare and boarding services; a badly needed service in our community. As we were quickly gaining momentum with our highly in demand services, our business took a serious hit with the COVID lockdown in March of 2020. We had to make a difficult decision and close our family pet sitting business. Eager to get back to work, I decided to expand on something I was already doing for my own Bella, and still be able to work with dogs, and continue to be my own boss! As I continue to travel on my own health and wellness journey, I’ve decided to pivot and pursue my passion by developing all-natural dog superfoods and dog treats that dogs love, along with offering a full line of pet wellness products. My goal is to help educate people on how to feed their pup a clean diet to include whole foods, with no preservatives or toxic chemicals, one pet parent at a time. 

Everything we make is handmade and is made on the premises at our Easton, PA location. I believe in best practices and operating with high integrity and ethics, as well as transparency. This is why I designed my shop with an open kitchen concept. I make my products in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. I try to source ingredients from sustainable and ethical sources and I strive for zero waste in my kitchen. Because of this, you may see different cuts of meat and organ that you don’t typically see in your conventional grocery store. You may also see stems from herbs in our baked products as we believe there are nutrients in every part of the plant. I am very conscious about the environment, so I aim for eco-friendly products and packaging. I rely on my animal nutrition education and background when formulating recipes for your pet(s), so every ingredient that I use has a purpose. I pride myself on not using any fillers, preservatives or chemicals that your pet(s) may be getting from commercial products and can be linked to various diseases and cancers.

Bella is my true inspiration! She is a 14 year old American Pitbull rescue who has been a part of our family and my best friend for the past 10 years. We see too much cancer and other diseases related to poor nutrition (commercial dry and canned food) and I vowed to Bella that I would care for and love her unconditionally, starting with good nutrition. When she was diagnosed with the early onset of kidney disease (in which her breed is prone to), I immediately went to work, learning everything I possibly could about renal failure and how to manage it without veterinarian prescriptions. I now make her fresh food weekly using only human-grade, whole, superfoods intended to protect the kidneys. 

My three girls, Marina, Lexi, and Sophie have been a tremendous help in building a solid foundation for my business. Marina graduated from Cornell University in May 2020 and brings knowledge from Animal Science and her passion for canine nutrition to the business. Lexi, a senior at Cornell University, is bringing knowledge from her passion of safeguarding both human health and the natural systems that underpin it. Sophie, a sophomore at Cornell University, is bringing her knowledge from the Finance field and helping my business be successful. All three helping out part time and contributing to the business when they can.

Everyone’s pets deserve to be happy and healthy. I use only human-grade, nutrient-dense whole superfoods to make small batches with love. Let us show you the power of preventative nutrition and how we can help your best friend thrive, not just survive. Together, we can PREVENT canine diseases and not just treat them!



Kristine Shive